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Objective: Modernize a legacy survey web application used by universities to collect data from extensive patient populations, improving data capture and analysis capabilities.
Approach: Our team took the lead in re-engineering the application’s front-end layout and user experience (UX) to incorporate responsive design elements, ensuring optimal usability across devices. We developed a suite of reporting tools enabling physicians to effectively analyze aggregated respondent data, offering insights into patient demographics and health trends. The migration of the app from TurboGears to the Django Framework was managed to improve maintainability and scalability. Additionally, we implemented an automated build and deployment process, optimizing the development workflow and ensuring consistent deployment practices.
Outcomes: The project resulted in a modernized survey application that significantly enhanced the ability of universities and healthcare professionals to gather and analyze patient data. The improvements in data capture and analysis capabilities facilitated deeper insights into patient demographics and health trends, contributing to better healthcare outcomes.